SmartPool’s 9i Robotic Pool Cleaner: The Scrubbing Robot

Meet the SmartPool 9i Scrubbing Robotic Pool cleaner:
smartpool 9i robotic pool cleaner
9i Scrubbing Robot, meet the world!Now that everyone has been properly introduced, let me tell you a little something about my favorite pool cleaner, the 9i Scrubbing Robotic Pool Cleaner by SmartPool. This robot expertly cleans and scrubs your entire in ground pool, from the floor and up to the waterline. It’s suitable for pools up to 20’ x 40’ x 8’ deep and vinyl liners, fiberglass and concrete surfaces. Watch as this robotic pool cleaner clears your pool of dirt and debris with almost no effort at all!With features like its compact design, dual direct-drive motors, brush-to-port suction, quick-drain system, and zero-radius turning, you’ll be amazed at the efficiency and power the SmartPool 9i Scrubbing pool cleaner delivers. Take a closer look below:

Compact Design

The 9i was designed to be lightweight and easy to move for the convenience of everyday use. With a 3-hour cleaning cycle, you can quickly remove the cleaner out of the pool without straining your back.

Dual Direct-Drive Motors

The dual direct-drive motors allow the unit to power better traction as it maneuvers around the in ground pool. It also gives the cleaner the benefit of zero-radius turning, making the 9i virtually unstoppable.

Brush-to-Port Suction

Its brush-to-port suction power allows the cleaner to capture larger substances such as acorns, leaves and smaller fine debris. Providing excellent suction from around the entire body of the cleaner and directly below it, this robot will get your pool clear in no time.

Quick-Drain System

This robotic pool cleaner features a quick-drain system that allows the water to race out of the pool cleaner as it’s removed from the swimming pool. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easier to remove and store the SmartPool 9i pool cleaner.

SmartPool’s 9i Scrubbing is a robotic pool cleaner designed for optimum performance at an energy efficient level. This robot runs independently from your pool’s pump and filtration system and uses little energy to pick up dirt and debris, saving you time and money.

Okay, enough about the SmartPool 9i Scrubbing Robotic Pool Cleaner. Tell me about yourself! What’s that you say? You’ve been looking for an amazing robotic pool cleaner?! What a coincidence!

smarpool 9i robotic pool cleaner