So the wheel broke on the Polaris 9300, now what?

9300 Broken Wheel

One of the most divisive products on our site is the Polaris 9300 Sport. If you look at the reviews for the product, people either love it or hate it. I either see reviews like Jo’s:

“Wow!! I love this thing… … Cleans the entire pool right up to the water line very well, really glad we decided to trade up from our old Polaris 280”

…or reviews that are a bit more frustrated like Tara’s:

“The worst product ever! The back wheels crack… …no help from the Polaris”

In fact, all of our one-star reviews usually have a similar theme; the back wheel on the Polaris 9300 is incredibly unreliable.

Now, let’s not cast too many stones here. The Polaris 9300 is one of our best robotic pool cleaners, when it has all four wheels. The brushes on the front clean tile well, the filter is incredibly sturdy, and the mesh on it is very fine so it gets all the little stuff out of the water too. The problem is after about a year, your back wheel is going to break. The good news is you have a few options:

1. Contact Us

We genuinely care about your pool. I genuinely care about your pool–seriously you can contact me below in the comments or if you want to talk, you can just call in and ask for me. I will be happy to help you through what is surely a difficult time. If you bought the product from us recently, we will replace it; why make life any more difficult than it has to be?  If you are like most owners, and the wheel broke some time last year, we will send you the parts you need to replace it. Replacing the wheel is simple, and we actually have a guide here. Again, if you need to call us for help once you get the parts, don’t be shy.

2. Call Polaris

You can reach them at 800-822-7933, and they also have a live chat service you can access by clicking here. They actually care that this is an issue; in fact they recently replaced the mold for the wheel all together.  This means that if you purchase your Polaris 9300 today, spontaneous wheel breakage shouldn’t be a problem. Incidental issues may still come up, but the product has a two year warranty for a reason–use Polaris as a resource if you are experiencing any issues at all, not just the wheel problem.

3. Buy the Replacement Parts

We have all the parts for the 9300 on our site, you will most likely need the R0529000 if your front wheel has fallen off, or the R0529100 if it was the back wheel; if you need a replacement tire the model number is R0529300. We actually just redesigned our parts page to make this whole process easier. If there are more parts you need, check here. Like I said, don’t be afraid to ask for help–just like Polaris, we offer a toll free number 800-772-0467, and live chat.

4. Buy a New Cleaner

There is nothing wrong with taking a mulligan. The Polaris 9300, for all it’s blessings and faults, is not the only cleaner on the market. I am a big fan of the Smartpool 9i (PT9i); it’s what I use in my pool right now.  The Aquabot T2 (ABTURT2) is the result of iterative pool cleaner development and is one of the highest end cleaners on; it’s fast, thorough, and sturdy. It doesn’t look as sexy as the 9300, but it does it’s job well. Regardless, if you are a survivor of the Polaris 9300, let me know and I will try to help you find the cleaner that suits your personal needs.

As an avid lover of pool technology, I hate it when my products break on me. Warranty service should be easy to redeem, and take care of every aspect of the product. If you have any issues, with any product PoolSupplyWorld sells, let us know – we want to make it better. A lot of our users leave us reviews, good and bad, and both are valuable. If you are reading this, you are a pool buddy, and I like helping my buddies.

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