Solar-Breeze: The Robotic Solar-Powered Pool Cleaner

solar breeze cleaner review
Recently I bought a Solar-Breeze pool cleaner and floating skimmer to review, only to close down my swimming pool because of plaster issues. I was worried that my review would have to be delayed while I opened the pool again, but my grandfather called me asking for help with a problem.
He recently bought a fancy new robotic pool cleaner for his in ground pool, only to find out he can’t use it. The power cord on the thing was too short for his backyard, and he had to stick with his old pressure side cleaner. Since he lives in California orchard country, he was keen to save as much water as possible, and the substantial savings on his utility bill would be nice as well, of course! This was the perfect chance for me to break out my new cordless, solar powered, robotic pool cleaner; the Solar-Breeze.
solar breeze cleaner and chlorine dispenserMy grandfather was initially skeptical. I explained the basic premise of the Solar-Breeze to him. The robot would float on the surface, removing any leaves automatically, but surprisingly the feature he liked the most was that it held and dispensed chlorine in his pool. In fact, the “hardest” part of installation was placing the chlorine inside the robot before setting it in the water. After we launched it, I flipped the switch and it was off. That was it, no assembly, no programming, no work!
Around his pool my grandfather has dozens of plum trees. The fruit of the trees are great for a mid afternoon snack, but before they bear any fruit they drop thousands of blossoms into his pool, not to mention pollen. I have never seen my grandfather’s pool this time of year without a thin layer of flowers and leaves, and as he has gotten older that layer has been harder for him to remove manually. The Solar-Breeze automatically removed all the stuff that falls into the pool on windy days, and he didn’t have to lift a finger. When we pulled the plucky little device out of the water to empty it’s container I was initially concerned about a thin layer of muck on the underside of the plastic catch, after doing some research it turned out to be all the suntan lotion that had bobbed on the surface of the pool.
solar breeze pool cleaner
I left the cleaner with my grandfather over night. When I was leaving he asked me when he should turn it off. One of the great things about the Solar-Breeze is you don’t ever need to turn it off, you use it till the battery dies then let it idle. When the sun came up the next morning, the batteries charged and it took off again. Without any leaves, pollen, or icky suntan lotion my grandpa’s pool was cleaner than ever, and I really didn’t have the heart to take the Solar-Breeze back.
I highly recommend this eco-friendly pool bot. I bought myself another one once my plaster cured and I am impressed by all the things it can do. Not only does it keep the debris out of my pool, but my free chlorine is more sustainable so I have to buy fewer chemicals, and I don’t have to worry about oils and other contaminants I might be accidentally leaving in my pool. My pool is cleaner and clearer thanks to the Solar-Breeze.
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