Solaxx SaltDip Review: The Digital Way to Test Your Water

Solaxx SaltDip Digital Salt Water Tester
Introducing the SaltDip digital salt tester by Solaxx! The SaltDip is a great replacement for those who are ready to move their water testing into the digital age. Using test strip after test strip can be tiring and wasteful. This water chemistry tester measures the water’s salt total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature levels with accuracy and ease. The Solaxx SaltDip is the best solution to testing your pool water.Solaxx Inc. commits themselves to finding the best solutions for automated water treatment and testing. Each product they design is engineered to be user-friendly and environmentally friendly with little to no installation needed. They’ve been providing the pool industry with unique technology for the past 30 years while giving customers an alternative to harsh pool chemicals.
Solaxx SaltDipWhat does it measure?The SaltDip measures the salt total dissolved solids (TDS) and the temperature of your pool or spa water.

How does it work?

With only two buttons to worry about, this digital salt water tester is a cinch. Being attached to its own cup, it allows you to collect the water, reattach, and test. While testing strips have you use multiple reagents and mix different chemicals to get different readings, the SaltDip gives you all the results on its large LCD display screen.

Other Benefits:

While test strips take a lot of fussing with to get the results you want, the SaltDip eliminates the mess and human error of water testing. Its water-resistant housing keeps all the electrodes safe while the SaltDip is in use. This product automatically calibrates and has a memory function so you can compare new results to old ones. The SaltDip requires two AAA batteries so you can continuously replace and re-use it any time.

If you want accuracy and convenience in water chemistry testing, join the digital world and try the Solaxx SaltDip! Spend less time on pool maintenance and spend more time enjoying your pool or spa. Test your salt water the right way with the SaltDip digital salt tester by Solaxx.
Solaxx SaltDip