Tech Corner: Finding a Replacement Spa Pack

spa pack retrofit kit
If you’ve been looking to replace or upgrade your Spa Pack or Retrofit Kit, you’ve come to the right place. In order to find you the correct spa pack, we really only need your model and “option” numbers on your existing pack. The full model and option number will be enough information for us to recommend or find a replacement spa pack for you. These numbers are located directly on the spa pack. You’ll find the option number right next to the model number.

We have created three different charts that will tell you which models are compatible with which replacements. In the PDF’s below, simply find your Model and Option numbers and click the link to the compatible replacement:


replacement spa packfind replacement spa pack

These Gecko reference sheets include three types of spa packs: SSPA, MSPA, or TSPA. Gecko’s TSPA’s are no longer available, but are replaceable with the MSPA’s. As you’ll find in the PDF’s above, some products don’t have any compatible replacements. In this case, you can go through the original manufacturer for a proprietary replacement, but I would recommend looking into a Retrofit Kit.

Keep in mind that some replacements are not going to be directly compatible with your existing topside controls, so you may have to do some plumbing or other modifications to make the new spa pack fit properly. If you’re still having trouble finding the right replacement Spa Pack for your hot tub, please contact us for assistance!