Tech Corner: Polaris 280 Pool Parts

The Polaris 280 is our top selling pressure side pool cleaner model and a staple of the automatic pool cleaner industry. With its reliable gear driven operation and dual jets, this pool cleaner continues to keep pools spotless for years. Being one of our top selling cleaners, we get a lot of questions about replacement parts. So, let’s take a look at what’s under the hood of this great cleaner.

Debris Filtration Bag (K13):

polaris 280 pool cleaner parts breakdown

The standard all-purpose, zippered, filter bag (K13) provides the perfect balance of sturdy material that captures and holds twigs and rocks. It’s finely weaved material makes it a cinch to collect small sand and dirt particles.

However, if you live in an area like Arizona or New York, maybe you’d like a bag more suited to the weather there. For places with a lot of sand, you may want to go with the K14 Sand/Silt bag that will help capture each grain of sand that lands in your pool. Or in New York, where you often have to deal with massive amounts of leaves on a daily basis. For that we’d recommend something like the K15 Leaf Velcro bag.

Tail Sweep Pro Scrubber (TSP10):

Polaris 280 Tail Sweep Pro Scrubber

If you’d like an upgrade from the standard scrubber (9-100-3105), the Tail Sweep Pro (TSP10) is a great choice. These scrubbers work to stir up debris from the pools floor making it easier for the unit to capture the debris. If you’ve had a pressure side pool cleaner before, you’ll notice the standard scrubbers have a tendency to spray water all over windows or innocent bystanders. The Tail Sweep Pro eliminates the spray helping you enjoy your pool without living in constant fear of being hosed down by your pool cleaner.

Head Float (A20):

Towards the back of this pool cleaner, you’ll see the head float. This part works to prevent the cleaner from tipping and keeps it balanced. A common problem we hear about the pool cleaner is that it will begin to float in the water or one end will barely float up. If the cleaner is not sitting solid on your pools surface then it will have issues clearing the pool of debris. To fix this, simply take the head float off of the cleaner, shake it to see if there’s water inside. If you hear any water, the head float is compromised and will need replacing.

Back-Up Valve (G52):


The Back-Up Valve helps back-up the cleaner every few minutes or so. You’ll see this piece along the hosing, just a few feet away from the actual body of the cleaner. Occasionally, the Polaris 280 will get stuck in the corner of the pool or on obstructions. This back-up valve will shoot a jet of water in the opposite direction, helping the cleaner move back and free itself from being trapped. If the cleaner remains stuck, it is likely that the back-up valve is not operating properly.

Feed Hose, Ball Bearing Swivel, and Feed Hose Nut:

polaris 280 feed hose

Find yourself needing to replace a section of your cleaner’s hose? Or perhaps your cleaner doesn’t reach the far edge of the pool and needs a bit more length? With a combination of this 10 foot hose section, one of the ball bearing swivels, and two of the feed hose nuts, this will provide you with extra length to your cleaner. You can even cut down the hose section if you don’t need the full 10 feet. On a different note, if the cleaner’s hose continues to get tangled up while the cleaner is in operation, then check that all the swivels are able to rotate freely.

Now you know all the basics on the Polaris 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner! If you’re still having troubles pinpointing replacement parts, need help troubleshooting, or have any other questions or concerns. Please let us know!

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