Tech Corner: Safety Cover Replacements

pool safety covers
Whether you’re replacing your old safety cover or you’re looking into buying one, I wanted to give you some helpful pieces of information to help make your purchase a little easier. I’m going to split this up into two types of buyers: those looking into buying a safety cover for the first time, and those looking for a replacement cover.

PoolSupplyWorld carries four different manufactures: Polarshield, Merlin, Arctic Armor, and YardGuard. Safety covers come in different types that have different warranties per manufacturer. These types include Mesh, Super Mesh, Commercial Mesh, and Solid.

First Time Buyers:
Usually what customers want to know is why they need a safety cover versus a standard pool cover. Safety covers are a great way to enhance security in your swimming pool area and help prevent any accidental falls. These covers will also keep debris from entering your pool while it’s closed for winter. Safety covers are more prevalent in cold weather states as blankets of snow or ice can cover the pool surface making it almost invisible and therefore unsafe.

Replacement Safety Covers:
Replacing your existing safety cover can go one of two ways depending on which brand you currently own. If you own a Merlin manufactured safety cover, they will already have your exact dimensions in their system making this process a bit easier. If you don’t own a Merlin safety cover and your anchor points cannot be changed, we will need your A-B measurements (see next section). If your anchor points can be changed, you can refer to a brand new cover.

A-B Measurements:
1. Establishing A-B Points – Standing poolside, establish two imaginary parallel points along one of the long sides of your pool and mark each point by driving the stake or dowel into the ground at each point (you may also use chalk or tape).
2. Marking Points – Using chalk or tape, begin to mark points in a clockwise direction along the inside edge of the pool. Start with a defining point on the pool that is closest to point “A”. Use step #3 as you make your marks and numbers.
3. Measuring Marked Points – First, measure the distance from Point “A” to point “B” and record it. Next, begin to measure from Point “A” to point’s 1-2-3-4-5-6-etc… around the entire pool. Finally measure form point “B” to the same points around the pool, noting each measurement.

Custom Safety Covers:
You will need to purchase a custom safety cover if your pool is not a standard size or requires a cutout for obstructions (I.e. diving boards, slides, ladders, rails, rock features). If you need a custom cover, we will need your A-B measurements, including descriptions of your obstructions or special hardware and an image of your pool. Once you pick a brand, you’ll need to choose between the different types of safety covers. Once that’s done, we will send the information over to the manufacturer for a quote to move forward.

Keep In Mind:
Each safety cover comes standard with an installation tool, storage bag, brass anchors, and stainless steel springs. Once an order is placed, it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery depending on the season. At the beginning of safety cover season, it will be quicker for customers to receive their covers. As fall moves along it will become more difficult as the manufacturer will start to be backordered. To install a safety cover, there needs to be three feet of concrete all the way around the swimming pool.

With that, I’ve given you all you need to know about purchasing a new safety cover! Please contact us if you need any assistance or advice.