Your Pool and Cyanuric Acid

pool water stabilizersIf you’ve owned a pool for more than a day, you’ve probably realized that your pool water is a bit fickle. It can go from clear and clean to cloudy and green in what seems like seconds. Today, we’ll cover one of my least favorite reasons for this: Cyanuric Acid levels.Cyanuric Acid can be defined as a chlorine stabilizer or conditioner for swimming pools. It acts as a sort of sunscreen for the chlorine in your pool. Chlorine is usually burnt off by ultraviolet rays from the sun, cyanuric acid prevents that and allows chlorine to remain in the pool and keep your water clear. You want your cyanuric acid levels to be between 30-50 ppm. At anything above 50 ppm, it will take longer to kill the bacteria in the water.

The unfortunate side of cyanuric acid is that when the levels become too high it will work in reverse and mask the chlorine, thus limiting its effect and causing your pool to turn green. Your cyanuric acid levels can increase when you add a stabilizer product, use tri-chlor tablets, or use certain types of shocks that are paired with a stabilizer.

While there is no chemical on the market that can lower your cyanuric acid level, you can get the number down by draining a portion of your pool water. Don’t drain the entire pool as that will cause issues with the stability of your pool’s walls. You can either do multiple partial drains or simply go for it and drain around half the pool.

There you have it. Defeating one pool chemistry problem at a time! We know that pool’s can be a complicated mess and we are always willing to help. Let us know if you run into any obstacles or have any concerns about your pool.

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