The Life Expectations of a Salt Cell

So, you’ve decided to get better swimming pool water quality and purchased a salt chlorine generator, but now you’re asking yourself, “How long before I have to replace the cell?” Well, we have the answer. The typical rule of thumb would be between three to five years. This may differ depending on the manufacturer but for this example, we will use the Autopilot system.  Autopilot will actually warranty their salt cells for a certain amount of time depending on which model you purchase (Be sure to check with your manufacturer for details).
There are some precautions you can take to prolong the life of the salt cell. One way to increase its life is to purchase a slightly larger salt cell than what you need. If you use a over-sized salt cell that’s rated for more gallons than you have, the salt cell will not be exposed to as much stress.
Secondly, you can regularly check and clean the salt cell regularly when needed. Proper cleaning will not only prolong the life of the cell but ensure proper water balance.
Lastly, a great way to extend the life of your salt cell is to install an ozonator into your system. A ozonator injects ozone into the water before it reaches the salt cell, which helps to kill much of the water’s contaminants before it reaches the cell. The less work your salt cell has to do, the longer its life.
All these are suggestions are designed to help you increase the life and productivity of your salt chlorinator cell so that you can keep enjoying the wonderful silky water it helps to create.
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