The Wheels on my Polaris 380 Aren’t Turning

With many moving parts, pool cleaners can have small issues, so it’s no surprise that one of the most popular cleaners does not come without it’s own. A common problem we see are the wheels stop turning on the Polaris 380. Below we’ve listed an easy to follow checklist to ensure your cleaner is back in action.
  • The most common problem is an issue with debris in the line or the hoses becoming un-attached. Take a minute to check if you see any debris clogging the jet or lines. If there are debris, blow the jet lines out using a air compressor. If you don’t see any debris, check the hoses in the cleaner. Over time, it’s possible that they came loose or came off completely. A small zip tie to re-attach the valve should solve the problem.
  • Roll the drive train gear and make sure the wheels turn. Make sure that there is ample tension on the belts and drives. If there is slack in the belt, adjust the two blocks holding the wheels to apply more tension to the belt.
  • Check the O-ring and make sure it’s still in good condition. Check for cracks and sign of wear as this could cause the water pressure to drop and prevent the wheels from turning as the usually do.
  • If you still have not found the problem, check the flow out of the pressure relief valve. If there is an increase in flow it may be a faulty pressure relief valve. If there are any sign of small cracks in the valve, replace the valve.

If you have any questions regarding the Polaris 380 leave a comment below for one of our trained experts.

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