Top Reasons to Own a Solar Cover

Solar Cover

Whether you’re looking to extend the pool season or just trying to conserve water, it may be time to consider a Solar Cover. These products are affordable, easy to use and one of the most eco-friendly options for water conservation and heat insulation.

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What are the Benefits of a Solar Cover?

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Water Conservation

Solar Covers offer the best protection against evaporation by covering the entire water surface. These covers are similar to bubble packaging materials, but are thicker and have UV inhibitors.

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Heat Containment

Swimming pools allow heat to enter the water by absorbing solar energy from the sun. Solar Covers may slightly reduce the amount of solar gain, but can minimize heat loss through evaporation. Heating costs may be lowered by 50-70%!

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The best feature of Solar Covers is the cost to operate: $0! Unlike other heating equipment, Solar Covers will not increase your utility bill. They may even reduce your water bill by decreasing water evaporation.

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PoolSupplyWorld offers Solar Covers from around $30 to $300. The energy savings alone are worth the investment!

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This point is beneficial for every pool owner. Ranging from 8-mil to 16-mil thickness, safety covers will protect your pool from whatever the wind blows-in.

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Less Chemicals

Water chemistry can be a delicate balance all-year-round. By blocking the sun’s strong UV rays, Solar Covers can help your chemical levels stay balanced longer, which only increases your cost savings!

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Easy Storage

Solar Reels provide an easy way to store your Solar Cover while the pool is in use. The reel will help protect your cover from creases, tears and other potential damage. During the season, Solar Reels allow for easy application and removal from your pool. It is best to remove the cover right before swimming and replace immediately after swimming to minimize heat loss. Reels are made specifically for your pool type, so make sure to choose either an Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel or In-Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel.

No matter what time of year it is, Solar Covers will enhance your pool water’s cleanliness and temperature while saving you money! Even if you live in a warm state like Arizona or Florida, Solar Covers can help extend your season by weeks, even months!

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