Transform Your Pool with an AquaBot Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner

AquaBot Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner

The AquaBot Prime may be a distant relative of the famous transforming Autobot, Optimus Prime, but believe us – this robotic pool cleaner packs a punch! Remember that time you ran your pool cleaner for a few hours, just to come out to a semi-clean swimming pool? Well, those days are long gone with the AquaBot Prime S300 and S600. These robotic pool cleaners can cover your entire pool and polish the water in as little as 1 hour!

Here at PoolSupplyWorld, we had the pleasure of testing out both models. To see each cleaner in action, we ran them on multiple cycles throughout the span of one day. Here is what we found:


From entry-level to expert, these machines were easy to setup and program with a quick glance of the owner’s manual.

You can literally plug either cleaner into the 120V wall outlet, turn on the power, and then release the cleaner into your pool. For the S300, pool owners have one easy option – 1.5 Hour Cleaning Cycle. The S600, on the other hand, gives pool owners the option of multiple cleaning cycles: 1hr, 1.5 hr, 2hr and set to every 2, 3, or 4 days.



In mere seconds, these cleaners began mapping out the pool with back and forth motions across the pool floor. This technology is provided by the patented AquaSmart Gyro System (brain) inside the AquaBot Prime.

Not only will the cleaner learn the layout of your pool, but it will decrease the number of times it travels over the same path twice. This efficiency cuts down on cleaning time, and essentially lowering utility costs.

Obstacle avoidance comes second hand to both AquaBot Prime models. We watched these cleaners travel over the steps and maneuver around the pool light without a hitch.


The S300 Prime will clean your pool floor, cove and partially up the walls. The S600 Prime has the power to climb up each wall and scrub the water line. It took a few attempts while the Prime was mapping out our pool, but eventually it climbed up the wall and scrubbed the waterline.


I know what you’re thinking – How can a pool cleaner “polish the water”? As crazy as that sounds, it’s true. The AquaBot Prime uses a patented technology that pulls water through the unit, filters dirt and debris into the baskets and then pushes clean water back into your pool.


Unlike most robotic pool cleaners, the AquaBot Prime S300 and S600 have no plastic wheels.

These cleaners use a tank-like rubber track to roll against the pool surfaces. The sophisticated driving technology allows the cleaner to grip and scrub the pool surfaces with ease. It also eliminates the wheels from spinning-out or losing grip while climbing the pool walls.


The AquaBot Prime Series cleaners have see-through polycarbonate windows above each filter basket to view the accumulated dirt and debris.

The S600 has an added feature with the Full Cartridge Indicator (on the power supply), telling us when to clean the baskets. The top-loading cartridge filters are easy to remove, even while the cleaner is still in the pool. We popped each cartridge out, sprayed them down, and then re-inserted – all in about 3 minutes. Talk about convenience!


At the end of the day, both cleaners exceeded our expectations! The S300 was a piece of cake to operate: just turn on the power, drop the cleaner in your pool and let it run through the 1.5 hour cycle. The S600 came with a few additional cleaning cycles and programs. This added a few extra minutes of setup time, but provided a customized cleaning cycle for our pool. We also loved how the S600 scrubbed the waterline for 100% coverage.

For small to average-size swimming pools, we recommend the S300. This sophisticated pool cleaner zipped around the pool with ease and finesse. Just scrub the water line with a pool brush before running the S300 to ensure that every surface is clean.

For average size to larger pools, the S600 can tackle every job. It has an extra-long 60’ floating cable, making it perfect for pools up to 50’ in length. This cleaner also climbed the entire pool walls and scrubbed the waterline. For 100% worry-free pool cleaning, the S600 Prime is the total package!

Oh! We almost forgot…


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