How To Troubleshoot Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners

how to polaris troubleshoot

Recently, we’ve seen many customers switch over to robotic pool cleaners. This is, largely, due to their environmental friendly and cost effective characteristics. Since the rise in popularity, we’ve been getting questions regarding simple troubleshooting issues. So we’ve decided to put together a guide to share some easy techniques that can be applied if an issue should occur.

If your Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner shows a flashing light, error code, or is no longer functioning correctly, here are some quick troubleshooting tips!

1.Turn the power off by pressing the start/stop button and turn on a new cycle.

polaris error code

2. Check the cable connection.

Unplug the cable and tighten securely, checking that there are no gaps larger than a nickel.
pool hose connection

3. Check the unit and make sure it is not connected by a extension cord.

The connection of the unit by anything other than a GFCI protected outlet can result in a loss of power. This can spell problems for your cleaner.

4. Clean your filter or filter canister.

Algae silt and other debris can build up on your filter canister, restricting the flow of your cleaner. The less flow to your cleaner, the less effective it will become. Some cleaners will shut down to protect themselves. This is a good indicator that there is something restricting the flow of your robotic pool cleaner. To clean your filter, remove it and clean with a brush and mild soap.
pool filter cartridge

5. Check to see if the cleaner is fully submerged.

If it is not, hold the cleaner vertical and gently pressing down until the cleaner releases air and it becomes fully submerged. It should sink down to the bottom of the pool.

6.Check the propeller.

Open the cleaner lid and remove the filter canister. Underneath there will be a small grate. Unscrew the grate and remove it by pinching both sides and lifting up. Here you will be able to access the propeller. Remove any trapped debris and re-attach the grate.
propeller grate

7. Check to see if the filter canister has been installed correctly.

The lip of the canister must protrude through the bottom of the cleaner. Take the filter canister out and slide it back in gently. Check to see you are following the grooves on the cleaner interior. The canister should slide back in with little to resistance if done correctly. If the lips of the canister are badly worn they can be found here.
canister lip

If you have any questions or comments give us a shout out below or reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

The images in this article were pulled from this helpful video from Zodiac.

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