Two Ways The Jandy iAqualink Will Make Your Life Easier

The iAqualink by Jandy, is a automation interface that controls your pool, spa, lighting and water features from just about any mobile device. The system gives you complete control of your pool, but it just got better.
 Jandy announced that the iAqualink System  now works with two very large home automation companies. Crestron and Universal Remote Control (sometimes referred to as “URC”) have each released “modules” or “drivers”, allowing their home automation systems to communicate with the IAqualink Server.

So what does this mean for you?

Home automation systems are a convenient way to control your home or office building. They control items like: lighting, climate controls, appliances, security features, home entertainment systems and now your pool and spa. Having the ability to run your pool and spa system via home automation, allows for one centralized control center for your house or office.
The old alternative would have been to “hard wire” your system through the Jandy 7620. This was expensive to install, expensive to repair, and ran the risk of lightning/ surge issues. The new system allows the Crestron and Universal Remote Control Home Automation Systems to link up with the iAqualink via internet connection.
 The 7620 will still be available for purchase, but the new  iAqualink integration has its benefits. The new modules allow the iAqualink system to communicate with your home automation system, allowing all aux names and labels to be automatically populated. In the past, hard wiring your pool automation system to your home automation system, meant figuring out what home automation auxiliary, corresponded to which pool/spa function. Now, the communication between the iAqualink and your home automation system does the work for you. The system recognizes the way in which your pool system works and then replicates it on your home automation system, without changing it.
For more information regarding iAqualink, Crestron adn URC, leave us a comment below.
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