The Ultimate Pool Party Package

As the summer comes to an end, we like to encourage pool owners to celebrate the sun one last time with some great goodies. Combine some great recipes, floats, games, great tunes, and maintenance products and you have the best pool party of the year.

pool party package

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Every good pool party needs some great recipes, so we’ve taken some time to put together some of  our favorite poolside recipes and include them in this poolside package. Each recipe comes with a breakdown of the ingredients needed and simple to follow steps that guide you through these PoolSupplyWord approved recipes. Included, we have added our Chipotle Shrimp Tacos, Skinny Poolside Dip, Philly Cheese Burgers, Grilled Avocado, and Caprese Chicken Slider to satisfy your taste buds no matter the what kind of food your craving. The recipes come in an easy to download PDF, great for easy storage or printing on the go.

swimways pool floats
Whether you just want to float, relax, do aerobics or learning how to swim the swim noodle is a classic must have in any pool. Just sit back and relax on one of the 3 included swim noodles and enjoy your time under the sun. With the wide variety of color combinations, the swim noodle is a great way to liven any pool party.
beach ball
With the enjoyment of food and tunes it’s nice to have some fun and games at your backyard pool party. This is why we’ve added a classic. This 24″ Americana beach ball is a great addition to any pool party. Toss it around, play some games of volleyball, or see how long you can keep it up in the air without touching the water. This patriotic ball will be sure to ensue some great fun.
cal hypo pool shock
After any pool party it’s always a smart idea to shock your pool. Having multiple swimmers in your pool introduces organic contaminants such as sunscreen and bodily fluids. These organic contaminants attach themselves to the chlorine in your pool, turning it to chloramines and rendering your chlorine to be ineffective. Chloramines are responsible for that harsh chlorine smell in your pool, and irritated skin/ eyes. Shocking your pool after a big party will get rid of chloramines and prevent algae outbreaks due to the ineffectiveness of your chlorine.

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