Uncommon Pool Myths You Should Know

Uncommon Pool Myths You Should Know

When you find yourself with a pool question or problem you can’t answer, what do you normally do? If you answered “Google” then you’re up to date with twenty-first century trends!

Pool myths is an always-popular topic to write about and usually covers the same four or five myths. Surprise! This is NOT one of these articles. I mean, it kind of is, but we’re here to cover UNcommon myths about owning and maintaining a pool. Because who needs redundancy in a world full of new facts and knowledge?

Gone are the days where owning a pool meant you lived a life of luxury. Affordable pool options such as above-ground pools are a great alternative to in-ground pools. There are plenty of reasonably priced options for putting a pool in your backyard.

DID YOU KNOW? Having a pool can have many perks and advantages as well. A pool can help reduce other expenses, such as vacations away from home, community pool membership fees, beach admission fees and other recreational activities. You can host birthday parties, barbecues and other social events at home with the addition of a pool—leading you to save a bit on expenses you would otherwise have. The possibilities are endless!

There’s this fear that your electricity bill will skyrocket once you have a pool, but that simply isn’t true anymore. Modern pool pumps and filters are more energy efficient than ever—using up to 30% less power than older models used. Not only that, but you have many other ways to conserve and save. Take solar covers, for example. Solar covers reduce water evaporation and help the water retain some heat. Solar covers can also keep debris from coming inside your pool, which provides less usage on your filtration system.

A saltwater pool sounds like the water is made up of ocean water, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Converting to a saltwater pool does not mean you’ll spend less on chemicals. In fact, ANY kind of pool requires the proper pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and stabilizer levels. A saltwater pool is certainly gaining more and more popularity these days, but it’s merely just another pool water option. Read more about converting your pool to a saltwater pool here. There’s no “better” option; only the one you prefer. That was an easy one to explain!

Ah yes, the BBB method—these three Bs representing Bleach, Baking Soda, and Borax. The BBB method of cleaning and maintaining your pool has been the subject of discussion for some time now. While the BBB method is certainly one way of maintaining a pool, in our years of working with pool owners and professionals, there are some pool users who prefer to use pool chemicals specifically designed for maintaining a pool. The BBB method is in fact a “purer” method, but requires a large amount of research and work to properly execute this method – a luxury not all pool owners have. We caution pool owners to do their research and choose the best option but to never dive in with a method they are unfamiliar with or unsure of. This is why we always suggest speaking to a pool company or professional when searching the ideal way to maintain their pool.

There’s often this idea that buying from a reputable brand means that while the prices are fairly higher than generic brands, you’ll come out with purchasing a long-lasting, top notch item. While in some cases this can definitely be true, I’ve never been one to turn down a well-priced generic or after-market brand that will do the job but cost me less.

For bigger items like a pool pump or heaters, I would have to say definitely do your research when looking for the right one that’s tailored to your needs. However, when you’re talking about replacing o-rings, shaft seals, or filter cartridges, I definitely recommend generic brands. Brands like Pleatco, Unicel and Filbur are among some of my favorites that are reliable and affordable. Also, some generic brands save you money and are often readily available too – making your life a little bit easier.

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