Update your Pool Lighting to LED in One Easy Step

Many pool owners are making the upgrade to LED lighting. For those of you who already own Amerlite lights from Pentair, this upgrade is quick and easy.

Many pool owners decide to make the change to LED when they discover the improved lighting and savings that LED’s offer. LED lights consume a fraction of the energy and last much longer than the pool lighting of the past.
ameribrite infographicRecently, Pentair has made the switch from traditional bulbs to LED’s incredibly simple. The introduction to the Amerbrite Replacement Lamp allows users to switch out their existing Amerlite bulb just like they would if they were replacing a burnt out bulb, but with a new LED light. The Edison screw base makes installation quick and easy. Simply unscrew the old bulb and replace it with the new Pentair Amerbrite and that’s it!The Amerbrite comes in a color or white LED. The color Amerbrite comes with 5 fixed colors and 7 pre-programmed light shows, so nights around your backyard never get boring. Ameribrite’s are also compatible with IntelliBrite 5G LED lights, GloBrite LED Lights, ColorCascade LED Bubblers, and MagicStream Laminar water features.

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