Waterway Spa Jets: Anatomy and Replacement

Waterway offers a variety of spa jets with an assortment of eyeball types, fittings, and internals. Ranging from massage jets for reaching a broader region of the body to directional storm jets for a more focused feel, there are many options to choose from.
Most spas use a combination of styles to target different areas simultaneously for a unique and relaxing spa experience. Because a spa usually includes a mixture of jet types, it will require a little work and research when it comes time to replace them.
Generally, Waterway jets have two connection types: snap-in and thread-in. In this article, we’ll go over the differences and show you what to look for when replacing your spa jets.
What Do Jets Look Like?
Below are some of the most common jet internal styles. You can refer to this chart when comparing your jets for the appropriate replacement.
old style snap-in jetOld Style Snap-In
  • Slimmer body connection
  • Locks around the diffuser
  • Snaps into the jet assembly
  • Found on Storm Jets, Poly Storm Jets
  • Part numbers start with 212-XXXX
new style thread-in jetNew Style Thread-In
  • Slimmer body connection
  • Threads around the diffuser
  • Screws into the jet assembly
  • Found on Mini Storm Jets, Poly Storm Jets, Power Storm Jets
  • Part numbers vary
poly jet thead-in jetPoly Jet Thread-In
  • Wider body connection
  • Threads around the diffuser
  • Screws into the jet assembly
  • Found on Standard Poly Jets, Poly Storm Jets
  • Part number start with 210-XXX
Which Waterway Jet Do I Need?
Whether you’re looking to replace worn or damaged jets or just upgrade your existing ones, it’s important to know what type of connection your existing jets have. In order to determine this, pull out one of your jets and take a look at the diffuser. The diffuser is the part of the internal that inserts into the jet assembly or fitting. See diagram below.
Please note: diffusers can be sold separately for snap-in and old style thread-in but are included with internals.
spa jet diagram
It’s common for older spas to have a poly jet or a snap-in style internal. If you’re upgrading your jets with a different style, keep in mind that you will also have to replace your jet body housing to accommodate the change.
At PoolSupplyWorld, we carry a wide range of Waterway jets to suit your needs. If you need assistance in finding the right replacement jet or jet part for you, please give us a call.