We’re on Snapchat!

snapchat swimmer big

Are you on Snapchat?

If so, we’d love to connect with you! We are ramping up for swim season with some awesome snapsterpieces.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, Snapchat is a photo messaging app (application) used on mobile phones and tablets. The app can be used to record video, take photos, and add text or drawings (which is what we do).

We can’t claim to be the first brand to join the platform, but we’re working our flippers off to keep up with the innovative brands that make Snapchat so much fun.

So why add PoolSupplyWorld on Snapchat?

We could spend an entire blog post telling you why, but isn’t it more fun if we just show you?

If you add us, you will randomly get awesome snaps like this…


Or a midweek pick-me-up like this…


Or a relaxing view like this…


And since everyone loves Minons, you might even get this to brighten your day!


So what are you waiting for? Add us on Snapchat!

Our username is PoolSupplyWorld. We will be sure to add you back right away. We welcome suggestions and requests for our snapsterpieces. We also plan to release other exclusive content to our Snapchat followers, like coupons, promotions, and a behind-the-scenes look at the PSW team!

Happy snapping! ;)


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