When Should I Replace My Salt Cell?

Most salt chlorine generators have a salt cell that lasts typically from 3 to 5 years, you should check with the manufacturer to double check the life expectancy. Most salt chlorine systems come with a control panel or a self regulating system that will tell you when the cell needs to be cleaned or replaced. Even though salt systems are lower maintenance you should still check inside your salt cell to make sure there is minimal build up on the metal plates.
A few key signs to look for:
  • Blue/green soapy discharge forming inside the cell
  • Scale and mineral salt deposits building up
  • Chlorine level drop resulting in unbalanced water
If you notice any of these symptoms, we recommend that you clean your cell or look into replacing your salt cell if cleaning doesn’t resolve the problem.
It is imperative that you inspect your cell regularly, we recommend once a week during heavy use and bi-weekly/monthly during the off season when you don’t use it as much. If you don’t check your cell, the buildup can result in an overload and damage the cell and/or power supply.
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