Why Does My Polaris Cleaner Spray Water Out of the Pool?

polaris 280

Lately, a trending topic between our customers has been: what do I do if my Polaris 280 is spraying water outside of my pool? If you are having issues with your Polaris 280 ,180, 360 or 3900 Polaris pressure side cleaners, spraying water out of the pool and “cleaning” some of your windows, there are some quick troubleshooting tasks that you can perform to locate the problem.

Let me begin by saying the Polaris 280 is a great pool cleaner (just check out some of our reviews) but that’s not to say it doesn’t occasionally have a small issue, such as spraying water. This can be frustrating for most but the good news is it’s a pretty easy fix. Below are some common problems and troubleshooting tips to solve the issue.

Sweep Hose Scrubber:

Take a look at your Polaris Pool Cleaner and locate a sponge looking item attached to the very end of the cleaner on the tail. This is called the Sweep Hose Scrubber. It’s is there to distribute water expelled from the cleaner to clear out and scrub debris to clean every inch of your pool. If the Sweep Hose Scrubber is damaged, worn, or missing, water flow will be increased, causing water to shoot out of your pool. This is easily fixed by purchasing a new Sweep House Scrubber or purchasing a Polaris Tail Sweep Pro Scrubber as an upgrade for the unit, which increases the overall cleaning, while stopping water spray.

polaris 280 tail scrubber

Sweep Hose Speed:

A common and very easy problem to fix is the sweep hose speed. If the sweep hose speed is too fast the hose will spray water out of your pool causing problems. The good news is that the speed is fully adjustable. If you find that it’s running too quickly, you can slow it down by simply turning the screw (located at the base of the hose) by hand or with the use of an allen wrench/ hex wrench. To restrict the water flow and slow the sweep hose speed, rotate clockwise and vice versa for increased speed.

Sweep Hose Weight:

If you have gone through both of these steps with no luck you can purchase a Sweep Hose Weight. The sweep hose weight is installed at the base of your sweep hose to weigh down the tail, slowing the movement of the tail and stopping excess water being expelled out of your pool. The sweep hose weight works like a sleeve that goes over the existing hose at the base. To install the weight, remove the hose and slide the weight over the hose at the base, then reattach the hose and you’re done.

polaris 280 sweep hose

Polaris does a great job making the 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner an easily maintained unit. Replacement parts are easy to find and the cleaner itself is easy to work with. This helps achieve longevity and a strong place in the pool cleaning market.

Follow the steps above to fix any excess of water being expelled from the cleaner and keep it running efficiently. Keep your water sparkling clean all year long with little maintenance. If you still have issues with your Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner leave a comment below or reach out to our knowledgeable staff. We’d love to help you out!

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