The World’s Deepest Pool

The deepest pool in the world, as recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records, is an unbelievable feat. It was constructed to be a diver’s paradise, offering up 138 ft (40 meter) depths to the person brave enough to reach them!
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When looking at the Y-40 Deep Joy, the world’s deepest pool, from the surface it doesn’t seem like much. Under the surface lies a divers paradise. The Y-40 Deep Joy contains over 1.1 million gallons of water and
was opened June 5th 2014 in the Hotel Millepini Terme, near Venice, Italy.
The facility is used for dive training and leisurely dives, in which free/ scuba divers can showcase their skills.
Y-40 supports different skill levels with various depths in which divers can challenge themselves. Upon entering in the water, divers can expect to see a variety of caves, a transparent tunnel for spectators, and (with some practice) the bottom. Beginning divers can satisfy themselves by reaching the initial bottom at 49 ft. More experienced divers may want to swim past the 49 ft. into a cylindrical void that reaches the deepest points in the pool, 138 ft. deep. For those of you who are having a difficult time imagining the depth at which this lies, imagine a 13 story building. That is roughly the depth of the Deep Joy.
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Divers who do take the plunge into the water of the Y-40 Deep Joy won’t have to wear a wetsuit. Deep Joy is filled with thermal water and maintained at 89 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. The water at Hotel Millepini Terme comes from the Eugenean Thermal Springs and travels 80 miles from the foothills of the Alps. Before reaching Deep Joy, the water 30-35 years under Limestone rock, where it absorbs minerals. This thermal water is proven to be good for your skin, making Y-40 Deep Joy one of the best pools for divers. Not only are they challenged with a variety of depths, guests are spoiled with great warm, silky, thermal water. The Hotel Millepini Terme is a dream destination for divers around the globe. Want to take the plunge? Simply book a room at the hotel here or check out some of the hotel packages including lessons here. If you have any questions check out their site or leave a comment below.
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